Central Locking Systems Commercial Vehicles Vehicle Storage Compartments
Central Locking Systems Our Central Locking systems are capable of controlling up to 20 latches therefore catering for the larger and specialist vehicles
Commercial Vehicles Our products are also used on commercial vehicles where our systems have been adapted for the specific needs of the vehicle and driver with remote options and locking for various shutters/doors
Vehicle Storage Compartments With the assistance of fire brigades and delivery companies, BA Electronics have produced a range of products to compliment different vehicle lockers and roller-shutter doors


The staff at BA Electronics Ltd has over 25 years experience in the manufacture and assembly of specialist electronic and mechanical equipment used on vehicles.

With a bias towards vehicle compartment security, we have also been involved in the design and development of projects to create bespoke solutions to customer's requirements, both in the Fire & rescue Industry and other commercial sectors.

We recognise the need to provide a high quality and cost effective service to our clients as well as applying our extensive knowledge of related products to help achieve the desired result. This is why we have been chosen to supply and work in partnership with different vehicle equipment companies and fire brigades both in the UK and abroad on various projects.

Series 1 Central locking

The series 1 central locking system has been designed by us to offer customers the capability of locking down a vehicle’s roller-shutters/storage compartments at the flick of a switch

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Series 2 Powersave Remote Central locking

With the ever increasing amount of electronic equipment being added to vehicles putting more and more strain on their batteries, we have introduced the Series 2 central locking option with latches that don’t draw any power once initially activated

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SSI (Shutter Status Indicator)

Now in use with fire brigades and commercial vehicles both in the UK and abroad, the SSI has proven itself to be a reliable multi function addition to our compartment security range of products

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LED ambient lighting illuminates the contents of your vehicle’s lockers which is especially useful in low light conditions

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