The series 1 central locking system has been designed by us to offer customers the capability of locking down a vehicle’s roller-shutters/storage compartments at the flick of a switch to protect the contents of lockers whilst remaining safe in the knowledge that access to equipment can always be gained thanks to an intelligent control system that can govern the latches.

The central locking control system incorporates the following features:

  • Available for use in both 12v and 24v applications
  • The control system is capable of safely switching up to 16 latches/bolts (8 separate lockers) per vehicle
  • The components used within the control system lead to a very low power draw from the vehicles battery (after the latches have been initially activated, the unit holds the latches in position with a significantly reduced holding voltage to save on battery power)
  • If the control system detects the vehicle battery voltage has dropped below a certain safety threshold, it will automatically de-activate all the latches enabling access to lockers so personnel can still access equipment in the event of power failure. In addition to this, if the vehicle battery voltage is too low to start with, the latches will not engage.
  • The on-board RF filtering circuitry means that there is no need to add any external suppression components into the system
  • The circuit monitoring system within the control box automatically sends a check pulse to the activated latches every 60 seconds to make sure that all shutters remain locked. This means that if a shutter has been closed whilst the system is activated, there is no need to de-activate and then re-activate the system for the compartment to become locked
  • A light/sounder output is supplied from the control unit to wire into the vehicles cab to show when the system has been activated
  • Care has been taken in the design of the system to make sure it passes stringent EMC testing regulations therefore not interfering with any other electronic systems on a vehicle

Door Bolt

To meet the locking needs of specific types of vehicles and their compartment doors, BA Electronics has developed a locking bolt mechanism which can securely lock in position hinged doors.

This unit can also be used in conjunction with both the Series 1 and Series 2 Central Locking systems.

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