Whilst this system shares many of the operating characteristics of the series 1 system, the series 2 central locking does not draw any power from a vehicle’s battery allowing for storage compartments to remain locked for long periods of time without draining the battery.

Features include:

Under voltage automatic shutdown of the system so access can be gained to compartments in the event of a flat battery

‘Powersave’ latches that draw no current from the electrical system once they are initially activated

Switch or remote control activated (using encrypted security from a distance of up to 50m) which has proven to be very useful for delivery vehicles

12v or 24v electrical system operated

Light/sounder output to the driver’s compartment indicating the status of the system

Complete manual over ride of the system in the unlikely event that the electronics on the control board should fail

The control system is capable of safely switching up to 16 latches/bolts (8 separate lockers) per vehicle