NEW: Series 3 ‘Power Save’ Intelligent Central Locking

Having worked in collaboration with some of our customers, BA Electronics Ltd is pleased to announce the development of a new roller shutter central locking system which features multiple methods of shutter lock/unlocking and vehicle specific configurations which can be pre-programmed by us to suit the needs of the user.

Whilst our SSI units still control the automatic illumination of a vehicles locker compartment and provide a cab warning facility, our Series 3 central locking system can be programmed so that once the SSI unit detects the shutter is firmly in the closed position, it will relay a signal to the corresponding locks to activate. This means that roller shutters/doors don’t have to be constantly re-locked once equipment has been removed from them. It now happens automatically.

As with our series 2 system, our Series 3 central locking kit can be activated and de-activated through the use of either a secure remote key fob (up to a distance of 50m) or directly through a toggle switch placed within the cab.

In addition, Series 3 sets can also be activated and de-activated using standard keys should this be an option for vehicles which use locked push button or standard key and barrel locks.

Safety and usability are the top priority for us and our customers and as such, our Series 3 sets retain many of the features which evolved into our Series 2 sets such as:

  • Minimal power draw from a vehicles battery (only 0.1 amps for a full set of up to 16 latches)
  • Available in either 12/24 VDC versions
  • Continuous vehicle battery monitoring
  • Manual override control of all locked latches
  • Check pulses sent to all latches (Customer Preference from 5 seconds to 5 Minutes) make sure latches remain locked when needed
  • This System Has the Technology to keep all latches in the locked or unlock position in the event of power failure (Customer Preference)
  • Easy Learn Configuration for adding new or extra Key fobs to the system