The shutter status indicator (SSI) has been designed to work in conjunction with a vehicle’s roller-shutter to indicate to the driver whether those shutters are closed and firmly in position, or warn the driver that a compartment has not been secured properly

The secondary function of the SSI is to relay an electrical current to the vehicle compartment’s ambient lighting system when it detects that the roller-shutter door is starting to open, allowing personnel to access their equipment with ease in low light conditions.

Now in use with fire brigades and commercial vehicles both in the UK and abroad, the SSI has proven itself to be a reliable multi function addition to our compartment security range of products

The SSI is available for use on all 24V DC and 12V DC electrical systems

Incorporated within the detection circuitry is a small delay (< 2 Seconds) before the current is sent to an internal lighting system to suppress any false outputs due to movement in the shutters handle bar whilst the vehicle is in motion.

The housing design allows for a completely solid one piece construction avoiding the potential for water ingress whilst retaining the roller shutters firmly in the closed position.

Each unit comes as standard complete with, a neoprene gasket on which the SSI will sit upon when riveted to the guide channel to offer extra protection against the elements and to absorb movements in the vehicles body.

All of the surface mount electronic components used on the circuit have been carefully chosen for their high performance and durability leading to very little power drain on a vehicles electrical system. In addition, each small circuit board is coated and sealed in a moisture and heat resistant compound to prevent water ingress.

There are no setup procedures that need to be carried out on the unit during installation as the unit has been designed specifically so it can be retro-fit to the outside of vehicles.

The SSI has been fully tested to European Community directives and approved by the VCA.